News from Danny's Forever Home!
Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just wanted to give you an update on Danny....He is a bundle of joy and
is very very smart. He does so many cute things. I will send you some
pictures of him since he will be five months on July 9.


Danny Boy Found His Home!!
Sunday, May 27, 2007
His new family writes: Danny is doing great! We are so happy Laurie got adopted by a loving family.
We have been training Danny thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes in the
evening on sitting and coming here. He is doing well. He is a fast learner.
After training yesterday, John played with him for about an hour then they
jumped in the pool. Danny loves the pool. After that he dried him off and they
watched Little League practice in our back field. He just layed there covered up
in his towel watching the kids practice even though he did let out a couple of
barks every now and then. Every thing has been great with him. He for the most
part is already house trained. This came very easy for him and we can't help
think that you had something to do with it. So thankyou very much. He's not
itching either. We love this boy very much and thank you again for everything
that you did for him. We'll send the pictures as soon as possible. Sorry we have
not already sent them. John and Paula

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Little Danny held a point when outside this evening. SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!! He heard a bird chirping as it flew overhead and he pointed as he looked up for it! Tail was still curled over his back--not straight or anything, but that front foot was UP.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Anyway, the puppies are doing GREAT! Lots of play and sleep and eat and are doing REALLY well on their potty training. Danny is just so eager to please that when I put him outside and tell him to "go potty outside" he immediately squats whether or not something comes out! He seems to be pretty interested in the birds too. Laurie is a little more of a free spirit but is so fun and eats up the cuddles and attention that she is getting here. They will both make wonderful pets and are such a joy to have here as fosters. They have had no accidents in their crates and made not a peep all night until it was time to get up this morning and they heard the other dogs moving around in the house. Good puppies!


It's a good thing that I got more hugs than shots when I went to the vet! I am all about being healthy but hugs are nicer than shots. Trust me!


Hi there! Are you my new family? I thought so! If you are ready to have a new buddy that loves to play, then I'm ready to go home with you!

Monday, April 2, 2007
Our Foster Mom put this together. If you read something about one of us and you would like more info, look for our individual links. Our blogs are all linked together! How convenient!

Everyone is developing their own personalities!
Lori is all girl. She likes to be the center of attention. She likes
to be held and played with. I can tell her voice distinctly from the
others. She and Keith have more outgoing rambunctious personalities.
Keith is the one to instigate rough-house play with his sibs. He is
not afraid of going down the stairs and does not cower when Tucker (1
year old pointer) plays with him. His nick name is Super Keith Urban,
handsome and playful! Chris is easy going. He has figured out the
humping thing. He is not as rambunctious but yet does not hide when
things get wild. Chris made his kindergarten debute today and was very
happy to be loved by many children. Danny is the calmest. He is one
of the first to cry. He was the last to embrace the challenge of the
stairs and is not interested in playing with the big dogs. He would
rather play with his siblings and lounge about. It is wonderful to get
to know them. They will all make great pets! Shirley is also going to
make a great pet. She is very loving and gentle. She is protective of
her pups but that is to be expected. She has thoose cute doggy eyes
that say "Love Me!" -Foster Mom

Monday, March 26, 2007

Today, I heard that I am a birddog! What are people talking about? I don't have any feathers! I know that I am young and still learning about life but this is too strange! It can't be true! I guess I'll listen to my Foster Mom! I did see some birds flying through the air this morning. I think I'll give it a try!

Up, up and away.....OH NO!!!!!!!

Good thing my foster kid brother caught me! This could have been embarrassing! He's a great kid! Not only did he save me...he told me all about being a birddog! It means that I like to chase birds, not fly like one! Silly me!


Aren't chubby puppies the cutest? I think so! I maybe a bit biased...but... I think boy puppies are the best! And, if you ask me, I am the best boy puppy around! Okay...Sorry Mom! I meant to say that my mom had a litter of the best puppies! Gheez! I am just trying to show everyone that they need to adopt me! Look how handsome I am!

Can't wait to meet you!


Sunday, March 25, 2007

We are back from Kickapoo and the Partridge Family is in their new foster home! Shirley and the kids had a nice ride home. Shirley sat in the middle row with my 5 year old daughter on the way home. We found that cup holder on her car seat makes a very nice water dish. Shirley enjoyed the drink. My daughter and 11 year old son were great helpers. They held the puppies on the way home. We stopped at nearly every rest stop to switch puppies and make sure everyone got the same amount of love. My kids informed me that the puppies did not like the Naughty Nineties Music that was on the radio. They thought a switch in music would keep them from crying. We stopped for snacks and Shirley had very good manners in the van. There were no accidents in the van or crates.
When we arrived home there was an hour of playing and getting acquainted. I gave Shirley a bath. She is a sweet girl. Then we all settled in for a ....short spring nap.
Our first night together reminded me of nursing my three kids. They slept about two hours pooped, drank, ate and went back to sleep. Repeat every two hours. The only things missing were the diaper changes! They were very good at being crate trained.

Shirley went for a run this morning with my husband
and our EP, Tucker. Shirley enjoyed her 1 mile jaunt. She seemed to enjoy getting out. Everyone is napping for NOW!

Thanks Former Foster Mommy!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Please use the link below to see the first part of the Partridge Family and their rescue!

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